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Climbing Boneset

Climbing Boneset

Master Herbalist, John Hance, uses this little-known gem for everything from headaches to his toughest pains! This herb has been the subject of several studies, all of which concluded that it has strong analgesic (pain relief) and antioxidant effects. It's different from all other pain relievers on the market because the mechanism of pain relief isn't a numbing of pain receptors or nerves, but rather a raising of your threshold for pain tolerance. "From the present study, it can be concluded that the aerial parts of M. scandens possessed prominent depressant action on the CNS..." Excerpt from: Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research, 2011;2(4):255-9.


Also, unlike opioids, it is not addictive; and unlike aspirin, Tylenol, and all the other OTC pain meds, it doesn't damage any of the body's vital organs. It won't inhibit your senses either, so it is safe to take while working or driving!* This stuff simply can't be beaten! Highly recommended for tough pain!


It's worth noting that if you suffer from nerve pain, fibromyalgia, and the like, a Nervine might be a better fit to relieve your pain. Try a bottle of Skullcap first in those cases. For all other pain, use this one!


2 oz. bottle



What others are saying:


"The Climbing Boneset does wonders for bringing my arthritis pain way, way down. That stays in my purse at all times. Love it!" - K. S., Monroe, NC


"In March of this year [2017], I broke a small bone in my foot. The Climbing Boneset that I got from Eshdet Herbs was more effective in managing the pain than the narcotics that were prescribed. Thank you, John!" - Nancy, NC



Ingredients: Mikania scandens, Fine Brandy


2 oz.


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