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November 24, 2017

I've taken some time off from blogging. A little more than two months, to be accurate! I've been busy with making new product formulas and setting up booths at a couple of local events. The business is growing, so that's a good thing, but the blog has taken a hit as a...

September 30, 2017

I haven't used toothpaste in over a year. Well, that's not entirely true. To be more accurate, I've made my own toothpaste for over a year. I haven't used over the counter (OTC) toothpaste in all this time. You see, I've known for over 20 years now that we all consume...

September 14, 2017

There is a subject that is far too often overlooked, ignored, or possibly just forgotten that is absolutely critical to your overall health. The Integumentary System.

The integumentary system is the largest organ in the human body. It is comprised of your hair, skin, an...

September 8, 2017

I'm always coming up with a new herbal concoction to try out on myself. This combination, or that...just to see how things taste together. This morning, I did that with American Ginseng and Saw Palmetto, along with Nettles and Hyssop. 

American Ginseng (Panax quinquefol...

September 2, 2017

Cold and Flu season is coming! Soon they're going to start pushing the fear propaganda on the public to boost sales of that POISON they call a flu shot. I haven't had a flu shot since they were forced on me over 2 decades ago. And you know what? I don't get the flu usu...

September 1, 2017

If you're anything like me, this time of year brings with it (a second round of) seasonal allergies. For me, this means constant sneezing, sniffling, itchy sinuses and eyes, as well as sinus pressure - especially overnight. My worst season for allergies, though, is spr...

August 27, 2017

A friend of mine recently told me that they were diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal thoughts, and a few others. This is not the first friend I've had who has come to me with this, either - by far! It's such an important issue that touches so many lives that I...

August 19, 2017

What does it take to make the best Herbal Medicinal products in the world?

August 6, 2017

On my website you will find that the majority of my in-stock products are tinctures. If you don't know what that is, let me enlighten you. A tincture is a suspension (or solution) of the active ingredients of herbal plant material in alcohol. It is the b...

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