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Cleavers Tincture

Cleavers Tincture

Cleavers “has a long history of domestic medicinal use and is also used widely by modern herbalists. A valuable diuretic, it is often taken to treat skin problems such as seborrhoea, eczema and psoriasis, and as a general detoxifying agent in serious illnesses such as cancer. The whole plant, excluding the root, is alterative, antiphlogistic, aperient, astringent, depurative, diaphoretic, diuretic, febrifuge, tonic and vulnerary. It is harvested in May and June as it comes into flower and can be used fresh or dried for later use. It is used both internally and externally in the treatment of a wide range of ailments, including as a poultice for wounds, ulcers and many other skin problems, and as a decoction for insomnia and cases where a strong diuretic is beneficial. It has been shown of benefit in the treatment of glandular fever, ME, tonsillitis, hepatitis, cystitis etc. The plant is often used as part of a spring tonic drink with other herbs. A tea made from the plant has traditionally been used internally and externally in the treatment of cancer.” -


Master Herbalist, John Hance, says, "Cleavers has long been used to cleanse the lymph system. It moves lymph through the system even when the body is at rest, making it an especially wonderful aid for bed-ridden patients. I use the tincture several times a day for a week or 2, about once every 2 or 3 months to flush the impurities and toxins from my lymphatic system."*


Ingredients: Galium aperine (aerial parts), fine Brandy.


2 oz.

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