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  • John Hance, Herbalist

Back Pain is a Real Pain... in the Backside!

I've taken some time off from blogging. A little more than two months, to be accurate! I've been busy with making new product formulas and setting up booths at a couple of local events. The business is growing, so that's a good thing, but the blog has taken a hit as a result. I hope this post finds y'all in good spirits.

I'm sitting in a doctor's office as I type this because my father is experiencing some pretty extreme back pain, and I'm his ride to and from his appointment today. The place is a neurosurgery specialist in Charlotte, NC, but I won't name it here. They took my dad back to get X-rays done, and he had an MRI taken not too long ago. The doctor is looking at all the images while he interviews my dad for background info on his injury. Typical stuff. At one point my dad mentioned that I had used my acupuncture needles to alleviate his pain about 2 weeks ago, and the doc looks over at me and tells me that this impresses him. I tell him that I never studied acupuncture, but that I simply have a gift for alleviating pain. I always have since I was a kid. Then I tell him that I'm a Master Herbalist and I've given my dad some Mullein Root tincture to help straighten his spine and some Climbing Boneset for his pain threshold. This really impressed the guy! He continued to tell my dad that since there's no evidence that surgery can help his back pain that he'd rather my father continue doing the all-natural approach to alleviate his essence referring him right back to me, but also saying that he should seek the help of a pain center (in his network, of course) and a Physical Therapist. I'm all for the PT, since they helped me and my wife after we got rear-ended on the highway a couple of years ago. What stuck with me the most about this doctor visit, though, was hearing this very nice doctor tell my dad that he can't help him. He said several times how he hates seeing patients in front of him who are in obvious pain, but having nothing in his power to do to help! Now, I like the guy. Like I said, he is a very nice doctor. But my thoughts immediately went along the lines of why the hell did you spend $200,000 on an education to help folks end their pain if you are powerless to help? and What about your Hippocratic oath to do no harm? I left the place shaking my head at it all. I didn't spend very much on my Herbal education, just 20-odd years of study, the cost of the books I've gathered over the years.....that's about it! I reached into my herb bag where I keep my private supply for personal use, got out the Climbing Boneset and the Skullcap tinctures, and had Dad take a big dose of both. In about 20 minutes or so his pain was bearable. Not completely gone, but not excruciating anymore!

Doctors are good for making diagnoses. Beyond that, though, I have very little use for them! It's a sad state of affairs which our modern mainstream medical field has fallen to. Doctors believe the best resource at their disposal for pain management are opioids, but in the same hand they know that those substances are highly addictive and damaging to people's health, so they are extremely reluctant to prescribe them. It's sort of a catch 22 they've put themselves in! If only they had the wisdom to look into the natural world around them. If only their education wasn't designed to look upon Herbalism as antiquated, ineffective, and inferior to modern chemistry! There's so much they're missing out on because they've been dumbed down by the pharmaceutical conglomerates' lust for power and wealth! They whore themselves out to Big Pharma on a daily basis, and it's YOUR health that suffers the most from it!!

Folks, take it from me: having Back Pain is a huge pain in the backside! The doctors want to drug you up or cut into you. The Pharmaceutical companies only want to drug you up, regardless of what impact it has on your overall long as it puts billions of dollars into their pockets each year! All this, and they never really cure your pain! You owe it to yourselves to seek the best possible solution to your pain. As for me, I know what path I will take. So long as Yahweh puts medicinal plants in my vicinity, I will take them over modern perversion! So help me. Want to get some of the best herb I've found to alleviate pain with ZERO side effects? Click the picture below and find out what nature's medicine can do for you!

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