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  • John Hance, Herbalist

Seasonal allergies (a.k.a. "allergic rhinitis")

If you're anything like me, this time of year brings with it (a second round of) seasonal allergies. For me, this means constant sneezing, sniffling, itchy sinuses and eyes, as well as sinus pressure - especially overnight. My worst season for allergies, though, is spring, but autumn is almost as bad. I suffered from these symptoms for years before I figured out a very simple formula to relieve them forever. I'm going to give you the formula for FREE in this post!

Yes, results will vary. Yes, everyone has different body chemistry. Yes, it's true that no 2 people will respond to any given treatment exactly the same way. But the ingredients in my Allergy Formula have been tested by thousands of herbalists over several centuries on countless clients all over the globe, so the so-called "anecdotal" evidence shouldn't be quickly thrown aside as if it didn't matter. I'm here to tell you that this formula has definitely made my allergies a thing of the past!

Sure, you could take a Benadryl or other antihistamines to relieve your symptoms. Many people do! Thousands do every year, in fact. But all those people will tell you that the side effects of those "medications" are terrible. Dry/scratchy nose, throat, and mouth; dizziness; nausea; headaches; drowsiness; feeling jittery or nervous; difficulty breathing/tightness in the chest; constipation; and that list goes on into changes in vision and others much more severe. With my Allergy Formula, there are no known side effects. The only precaution you need to take would be if you are among the small percentage of Americans who are allergic to plants (or derivatives thereof) in the Nettles or Clovers family. The ingredients are all Natural and 100% Organic, and most people tolerate them very well.

So what is this wonderful formula? It's simple! Take 2 parts Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) and 1 part Red Clover blossoms (Trifolium pratense) - use properly dried plant material only - and make a tea out of them. Let it steep for 15-20 minutes, then strain it out. Add sweetener to taste (pure stevia extract is my choice), and add fresh water up to 1/2 gallon. Drink this tea in 6-8 oz doses every 3-8 hours as needed. I keep mine in the fridge and drink it over ice. It's very refreshing!

That's it! No more allergies!

Maybe you would prefer not to drink that much fluid, though. Or perhaps making (or drinking) tea just isn't your thing. Or maybe you get symptoms while you're away from your allergy tea and you need a quick remedy for a sudden sneezing attack. That's all okay. I have you covered. Just pick up a bottle of Eshdet Herbs' Allergy Relief Formula tincture. It is the same ingredients in the same proportions, but in a more compact and MUCH more potent version! All you need to take of this stuff to kick those allergies to the curb is one to two droppers 2 or 3 times a day, or as needed. Simple! Get yours now by clicking the picture below (or the link above).

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