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Herbal Antibiotic

Herbal Antibiotic

This is the unsung hero of Cold & Flu season!!! That little tickle in the back of your throat which tells you you're about to get sick? That's the first sign that you should take your fist dose of Herbal Antibiotics! "Big doses the first day will keep those symptoms away."


Stephen Buhner wrote in his book Herbal Antibiotics (2nd edition, Storey Publishing, 2012) that Bidens aristosa has the power to act as a systemic antibiotic.


Our Master Herbalist, John Hance, says, "I have personally used this little-known and rarely used herbal powerhouse in my own body several times to kill common cold and influenza. It usually does the job in 1-3 days, and has the power to stop the onset of colds and flu if taken at the first sign of symptoms."



What others are saying:


"I have used the antibiotic tincture for colds and sinus infections. It is awsome! About to stock up for cold & flu season." - Karen, North Carolina


"This actually helps me with my allergies, too!" - Amy, North Carolina


Ingredients: Bidens aristosa (aerial parts), Fine Brandy.


2 oz.

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