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13-Herb Super Balm

13-Herb Super Balm

Eshdet Herbs' 13 Herb Super Balm is so good for your skin! It is formulated to rapidly heal cuts, abrasions, rashes, and sores (old and new); to protect the skin from infection, as well as to clear up any existing infection (it has antimicrobial properties); to moisturize the skin; to minimize scarring (if used regularly during healing); and to help ease the pain generally associated with these conditions..*


Don't reach for the Bactine. Don't use that "hydrocortisone ointment .01%" which gets way overused! Grab a tin of Super Balm instead! Keep one in all your first aid kits, one in your bug-out bag, one in your camping gear, and one in your medicine cabinet at home. Make it your first go-to for any skin condition. Trust me. You're going to want to keep this on hand at all times! Herbalist John Hance does, and so do all his family and well as a VERY rapidly-growing group of people who have realized the power of having it in their daily lives! Get yours today. It is truly miraculous stuff!



Here's what others are saying:

"I can’t say enough about Super Balm. I became a loyal fan after it helped the eczema with which I lived. I have constantly had some [Super Balm] since then. My eczema disappeared in May. The first time in my life I can remember not having to deal with it at all. I recall you said it could heal it. Other than your Super Balm, I don't know what else could have done it...I’ve used the Super Balm for cat scratches, eczema and what I believe to be topical steroid withdrawal. On the eczema, it works as well as topical steroid cream, which is wonderful, since there is so little that helps eczema and topical steroids are harmful if used long term! It’s the only thing that had any effect on the topical steroid withdrawal! On the cat scratches, it works on healing at least as well as triple antibiotic cream. Thank you, thank you!!" - Kara L., NC


"I use the Super Balm for my psoriasis. It helps to calm down and soften the inflamed skin and relieves the itching. And when I tried to massage it into my scalp I had a lovely side effect of super soft hair! I also use Super Balm for scrapes and cuts for the kids instead of the other antibiotic ointment. It works so well and is multi-purpose. Awesome stuff!" - Karen, NC.

"We have used Eshdet Herbs' Super Balm in our household for all kinds of skin problems including rashes and small wounds and scrapes. It is so great that we don't want to run out!" - Nancy, NC

"The Super Balm from Eshdet Herbs has really helped the rash on the back of my neck." - S. H., NC

"I bought the Super Balm because I had an accident with a gun while hunting and cracked my forehead open from the kickback of the gun. John reached out to me and told me it would be great to help heal it up. He was not lying. You can hardly see the scar now! I also started using it as a substitute for chapstick and rubbing it on my eczema. It may be in a little container but when they tell you a little bit goes a long way, they're not lying! So many uses for it and a great product! Definitely recommend and will be back for more when it runs out! Try it and you won't be disappointed!!" - Anna, NC.

"After my son was born he kept a diaper rash. We had no idea from what. The pediatrician prescribed nystatin. Didn't help. If anything it made it worse! His bottom was so irritated and red! John came to me with his 13-Herb Super Balm. I took it home and first application I could tell a huge difference. It was like magic! So I got smart and decided to use it as a Chapstick. So refreshing! His products have not let me down!" - Jacqueline, NC

"Best thing I've ever used! It has healed cuts almost overnight and has been helping a spot on my husband's knee that looks like a large callous go away, you NEED this in your home." - Rachel H., NC


John Hance recently (2019) used it for a deep wound on his finger (deep soft tissue damage). This type and size wound would have had an ER doctor using sutures, but John knew the power of Super Balm. He treated his wound exclusively with 13-Herb Super Balm and a proper dressing of gauze and waterproof tape. 5 treatments and 3 days were all it required to heal the wound up completely to the point that it no longer requires bandages at all! Hospitals should carry this stuff!!!



Cera alba (beeswax); EVOO; Comfrey; Red Clover; German Chamomile; White Oak; Poke root; Motherwort; Eastern Red Cedar; Violet; Lamium; Nettles; Plantago; Salvia lyrata; Cayenne.


1 oz.

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