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Best Selling Organic Herbal Remedies from Eshdet Herbs


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Better Brain

Best Seller

Better Brain is a Best Seller tincture. It's a blend of several herbs specially formulated to increase blood flow to the brain, improve memory, increase concentration, and perk up a sluggish mind.* Master Herbalist, John Hance, uses it to immediately relieve his vertigo, too!

Super Balm

Customer Favorite

John Hance's 13 Herb Super Balm is so good for your skin! It is formulated to rapidly heal cuts, abrasions, rashes, and sores (old, purulent ones as well as new ones); to protect the skin from infection, as well as to clear up existing infection (it has antimicrobial properties); to moisturize the skin; and to help take the pain out of stings, bug bites and the like.* From splinters to gunshot wounds: Super Balm it!©

Climbing Boneset

for Pain Relief*

Master Herbalist, John Hance, uses this little-known gem for his toughest pains. This herb has been the subject of several studies, all of which concluded that it has strong analgesic and antioxidant properties. Unlike opioids, it is not addictive, and it won't inhibit your senses either, so it is safe to take while working or driving.*